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Zebra2 Performance Page – New Software Synth Patches

Posted on | February 8, 2007 | No Comments

zebra_performance_page.pngtasmaniandevil posted 900 really cool presets up on the KVR Zebra forum. I installed them, and they were nice. But the key thing was what he posted about how they were created. He used the performance page in Zebra2 to map various parameters into the nice XY grid system, move the mouse around, and record the new presets from arbitrary positions.

Anyway, the key point with this posting is that this is a really cool way to quickly create new parameters. Massive, that I checked out yesterday, had a similar parameter view with eight knobs, by assigning various parameters to those eight generic knobs, you could key in all kinds of new sounds, quickly.

I’m sure other software synths have something similar available, so check them out. Just map all kinds of random parameters into such generic control areas, and have fun. The other nice thing with such arbitrary control areas is that you could automate all kinds of parameters while recording the track, so the synth will really sound organic.

Another option to quickly generate new sound are any kinds of random setting generators, Logic’s ES2 has one, the nice thing with this system is that you could narrow down the randomness so the random generator does not touch everything — that usually leads to total synth madness.


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