YouTube Research – PowerPop

lysistrata.pngYouTube is an excellent source of music information. I know many musicians around here who practice covers using YouTube as a source of the original information.

Recently I’ve been researching PowerPop songs, the past and the current. Here is a playlist with 100 PowerPop tunes (there might be even more as I’m adding more and more entries along the way).

The only headache is that record labels force YouTube to remove entries from time to time — which is strange, who would like to spend a lot of time listening to 80kpbs audio streams, so some of those songs might disappear from time to time.

I’m especially impressed by what The Kinks did in theĀ  sixties, me thinks Kinks and The Who were the ones that created PowerPop. But I had to start the playlist with Nazz track Open My Eyes, as it’s a combination of PowerPop and brit/psychedelic that I currently enjoy. Todd Rundgren, the actual song writer, actually played this song 2000 in San Francisco, here’s a YouTube Clip from that one.

There’s a reason behind it all, more later, working on covers and original songs related to PowerPop of all the things out there in the music universe.

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