You Could Actually Make Money on Music Videos

killer_gameboy.pngA friend sent me this link to YouTube, and I won’t embed it, just the link, it’s here.

Anyway, this video has been watched over a million times! Now that YouTube is opening up the ad revenue sharing for videos, it actually means that it’s one of the first times in history that music videos could generate revenue.

Anyway, if you go down that route, you need to think in terms of generating clicks, that means music videos about pets, children, goofing, and doing silly tricks — watch America’s Funniest Home Videos or similar TV programs for inspiration. Or if you don’t get inspired by this, even if you could make money, I understand you…

I don’t think this music video will create millions of hits, unfortunately. But it was fun making it with my sons. I should make more of those — but the biggest obstacle for me is to figure out a cool idea behind the video, something odd and interesting, style what Beck is doing. Anything else just looks so stereotype today.

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