Yes, I’m Back Doing the 52-Minute Psychedelic Suite

This is a little bit like painting, I had to have a small break, but now back to the music-brushes and finish the paintings, or songs. I went through the first part of the 20 minutes of strange psychedelic music I did in April, and re-mixed and arranged parts, and added more tonight. I will work more on thi tomorrow, just needed a break, as the music got more and more strange.

It’s interesting to work with psychedelic music, especially as I don’t take any drugs, not even caffeine-laden drinks, and hardly any medicine (aspirin being one exception). But I believe in the power of a clear mind, rather than having alcohol, drugs and other strange chemicals mess around in the mind, just making the mind drowsy. You could have a psychedelic state of mind without any drugs, whatsoever, it’s a matter of looking at the world, or art, and work with that mind set.

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  1. true true…

    but I do used caffinenated softdrinks and sugar! :D

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