Yamaha DD-65 Arrived

dd65_angle_main.jpgI got the Yamaha DD-65 electronic drum kit shipped to the door this morning, that was fun, an electronic drum kit and I have four broken rips and a broken shoulder from last Tuesday. Anyway, could not avoid testing it out a little bit.

A couple of months ago I attended a Sunday jam where a drummer brought one of these in. I really liked the drum sounds, going through the PA. Also, I got these for a really good online price so I could not resist.

I have multiple reasons to get this one. First, I really needed another input for percussion triggering concerning MIDI and built-in drum machines and loops. Even better, via MIDI I could drive Superior Drummer 2.0 so that the recorded sound will sound like recorded in a huge studio using very exotic and good drums.

Secondly, if I have band configurations practicing in my garage, I don’t mind it as long as the volume could be controlled. Drums are the worst case scenario, with electronic drums that’s under control.

Thirdly, it’s been a long time since I played drums and I never got to a level where I considered I could jump into any song and just play drums, so that should be corrected. My youngest son also wants to learn drumming so this is a good start. The system has lots of drum sets as well as songs, I could disable the drums and then learn along. Or hook it via aux in with music from a computer or an iPod.

These are not like Roland V-Drums, the kick and hi-hat buttons are flimsy and the hi-hat only has open/close midi messages. Otherwise, for the $220 I payed (including power supply) they are definitely worth the cost.

I will get a used share stand for placement. Who knows, when I feel better, I might take them to jams for either percussion or pure drum usage…

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