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Writing Bell Sounds

Posted on | January 5, 2006 | 1 Comment

Balloon Jellyfish

Spent most of tonight writing boot startup and bell sounds for a computer. That was interesting. I tried to emulate the Eno style of ambient style sounds. The Mac had these rough sounds, style sosumi, but I tried in this case to convey a feeling of pleasant usability, or something like a friendly sounding computer. The sound startup is also not a big fat chord, like the Mac, rather a pleasantly upwards going triad.

The hardest thing is that I don’t know how these samples sound over various loudspeaker setups, most likely I need to equalize them.

I also spent a lot of time making sure the samples are small, faded out the end parts rapidly, no delays, rather ambient reverbs, and so on.


One Response to “Writing Bell Sounds”

  1. Jonas R
    January 6th, 2006 @ 10:55 PM

    hehe…jag fundera pÃ¥ samma jag oxÃ¥ en gÃ¥ng i tiden. Startup sounds. fundera om man kan fÃ¥ anställning att vara “the startup sound guy” vid olika firmor, efter att jag drog nÃ¥gra opera influencerade falcetter i förra skolan pÃ¥ morgonen dÃ¥ man knäppt pÃ¥ maccarna med de där ackorde du nämnde….”AAAAAAAaaaah!!”

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