Writing Bell Sounds

Balloon Jellyfish

Spent most of tonight writing boot startup and bell sounds for a computer. That was interesting. I tried to emulate the Eno style of ambient style sounds. The Mac had these rough sounds, style sosumi, but I tried in this case to convey a feeling of pleasant usability, or something like a friendly sounding computer. The sound startup is also not a big fat chord, like the Mac, rather a pleasantly upwards going triad.

The hardest thing is that I don’t know how these samples sound over various loudspeaker setups, most likely I need to equalize them.

I also spent a lot of time making sure the samples are small, faded out the end parts rapidly, no delays, rather ambient reverbs, and so on.

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  1. hehe…jag fundera på samma jag oxå en gång i tiden. Startup sounds. fundera om man kan få anställning att vara “the startup sound guy” vid olika firmor, efter att jag drog några opera influencerade falcetter i förra skolan på morgonen då man knäppt på maccarna med de där ackorde du nämnde….”AAAAAAAaaaah!!”

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