World’s Largest Private Record Collection on Sale

rcollect.jpgI guess someone had time collecting a lot of records, see this article about an eBay sale of a collection of three million records and 300,000 CDs.

Physical record collections are important, in this age of digital material, especially unreleased stuff, it’s easy for a hard disk to fry. I don’t even know if my old archives work any longer, speaking of +12 year collections of stuff on hard disks. I might not even be able to open them up due to¬† material produced with Opcode Studio Vision. I think some material is still on a DAT tape, and one might wonder if that’s even playable today.

Now, has this person listened to all the tracks? That would take multiple lifetimes…


  1. I pay $80 a month to store my 5000 records. I really need make these digital somehow. Have you or anyone had any experience with these services that do it for you?

  2. I used my son to do it, he was happy to earn a little bit money while he worked on it. But 5000 records could take a very long time to digitize.

    As for my CDs, I took the sleeves out and placed the CDs in thin-plastic CD sleeves, I could put 200+ in each container.

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