Workout Z 11

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This is a sample of a forthcoming set of music for a spin-class series to be published via iTunes et rest. The background story is that a friend of mine is a spin-class and aerobics instructor and she wanted me to write 15+ songs for a series of spin-class exercises. She will provide the workout instruction on top of it.

The instructions for me was to write music all the way from slow stuff up to really fast tracks. She never specified what kind of music, which is fun.

This is track 11 of 15. Now afterward listening to it, it’s clear I was inspired by old Art of Noise material including a Debussy-style passages around the 2:15 point. Which makes sense as the Art of Noise musicians made a Debussy homage album. I also wanted it to sound like pushing up a hill.

Next, Rumi-inspired music that I never released as I still don’t know what to do with it.

Right-click to download Workout Z11.

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