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Working on Live Videos

Posted on | August 3, 2007 | 5 Comments

snaptz_info.pngI’m just now working on a set of Ableton Live demos to be placed up on YouTube. I was hoping they were ready tonight, but it’s important that they are good, and I think I need to redo the whole operation tomorrow.

A couple of notes. I’m using Ambrosia Software’s Snapz ProX that is now a universal binary. It’s a great program, but the provided kext module crashes now and then… But otherwise it’s very easy to put together video presentations, after you get the right settings in place.

It’s also a matter of rehearsing, rehearsing, rehearsing. First I thought I would do a separate sound track and add this into the video, but it’s more natural to talk and show at the same time. But to do this requires that everything will work out, and I’m no actor. I need to speak far more slowly, especially with an accent that might distort the words. Also, it’s important to tell exactly what I’m doing at each step.

Fortunately my son had an unused USB headphone/mike setup, the mike is decent, not good, but it’s handy when working with my laptop.

Anyway, I will try to publish something tomorrow evening!


5 Responses to “Working on Live Videos”

  1. Loopy
    August 3rd, 2007 @ 1:22 AM

    Great to hear you’re on Live videos.

    Youtube has too many lousy videos just tagged with Ableton tags, there should be some kind of standard when posting videos.

    Hopefully your videos will be high quality in content too.

  2. Kent Sandvik
    August 3rd, 2007 @ 8:45 AM

    Yes, it’s really hard to make good content, as I noticed last night. It’s a matter of good presentation skills, the right pace, not doing any annoying mistakes, and just in general showing something interesting.

  3. Stejones_efc
    August 3rd, 2007 @ 4:08 PM

    Looking forward to the video post.

    Another good thing to have is an explanation of settings used, sometimes i have tried to follow other screencasts, mainly for quicksilver, got frustrated to find out i need to click a certain button for it to work.


  4. Kent Sandvik
    August 3rd, 2007 @ 4:15 PM

    Yes, I did a test movie last night, and noticed that the movie had two audio QuickTime tracks, but YouTube only picked up one of the tracks. So I need to figure out how to consolidate tracks inside QuickTime movies so YouTube’s Flash encoding will work.

    Yes, I will document this all, for the next person interested in doing screencasts using Snapz Pro.

  5. Doug
    August 4th, 2007 @ 3:29 PM

    Glad to see you’ve taken the plunge. I like your blog commentary on Live, and look forward to the videos. I’ve placed two videos of my home studio on YouTube. They were filmed with a FujiFinePix A600 digital camera. Ugh…needless to say I am researching digital video cameras (smile). I came across a few webpages on optimizing your video before uploading to YouTube…if you’re interested, I’ll try and fish them back up.


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