WordPress Theme Editing

cat_and_catnip.jpgI had to switch to a new theme as I upgraded WordPress to 2.2.2, and the old theme stopped working. That happens, but this new theme I found today is better as it handles widgets and so on, and I’m in the middle of customizing it.

However, I noticed that the img tag paddings don’t work unless I go in and edit them via the editor, seems that the image padding is now saved in the database rather than picked up from the css. That means that I need to go through each entry and update the information. Just now the padding between images and text is not honored, so it’s too close, and I’m a perfectionist concerning easy reading of web sites.

This all means that for any of you who subscribe, and you don’t have ‘ignore modified postings’, you will later tonight get a listing of 266 or so modified entries. Sorry, but it’s better to do this today than postpone it.

It’s always a challenge to keep up to speed with software changes, indeed. But it’s better to do it early than later, I’ve learned the hard way.


  1. Kent,

    I have special classes set in the theme for handling images. When you enter the image code you don’t have to use the align, hspace, and vspace attributes.

    For instance, the code for the image in this post is:

    By applying the css classes, it will make posting an image easier. Here’s how you would post the image in this post using the settings:

    Hope that helps…….

  2. Thanks for the info, appreciate it. I ended up doing the edits by hand via the WordPress editor, i.e. putting in padding for images this way. One reason is that in case I switch to other themes, they might have the same issue. I could put in something like you said, but then I need to manage the code each time I update WordPress.

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