While You Wait for Your Logic Studio Package

mac_pro_video.pngHere’s what I did tonight.

I watched the MacProVideo free 25 minute series of videos about Logic Pro 8. They were actually very good. You can’t go into detail in 25 minutes, but you get a nice taste of what’s new in the interface, and what you could do, so I really recommend watching those instructional video snippets. You need to register, but that’s all. I expect them to release more paid instruction videos later this year.

Then I started reading the online manuals for Logic Studio, they are available here as PDF files. The main Logic Pro 8 manual is over 1000 pages long, so I just read parts here and there, and saved the PDF file on my laptop, so next time I have spare time, I could read a line here and there.

The massive package will have all the documentation in book format, as well, but there’s something about doing a find across the manuals for let’s see checking out if the folder handling is different from Logic 7 or not. All I could say so far is that there are so, so many refinements in the UI so I’m more than positively astounding. This will be a very good UI to work with — stated even if I have not touched the application myself yet.


  1. The Logic Studio package is said to be massive, but how much does it weigh?

  2. 14 pounds, or 6.35 kg, this as the manuals are so heavy.

  3. I bought mine from the local Apple Store here, and whew, was it heavy. Incidentally, the upgrade package weighs as much as the non-upgrade package (bad joke by the Apple store salesman) haha!

  4. Printed manuals are nice, but they are heavy, and a lot of trees are chopped. I would not personally mind going with PDF only versions, as it’s faster to find relevant material with a find command…

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