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When Marketing Turns into Anti-Marketing

Posted on | August 18, 2007 | No Comments

lemon001.pngI might ruff some feathers out there by this posting — if so, apologies to start with.

I would think that most of us dealing with electronic music — sooner or later — will drown in emails coming from totally unexpected sources, mailing lists we never subscribed to, for example. And a huge majority of those has to do with promoting either tracks or events.

Same with mailing lists and forums, after a while, more and more of the postings are related to promotion of some kind, rather than interesting information. Or those of us that have MySpace accounts, we provide friend access, and after a while most of the postings are promotions of some kind.

Now, I wonder, most of that will just make the reader annoyed, and that’s usually the opposite of successful marketing. I would think that most of us would only like to get such information if we really requested it.

This is the reason I’m not using any private mailing lists or pushing promos over mailing lists, or push promos to other accounts MySpace. There are some exceptions to this, but it’s mostly to do with announcing free content — everyone wants free stuff. Or then working for the good of electronic music, again it most likely has to do with something non-commercial and free in nature.

Anyway, there’s a very good technology that turns it all back to the consumer side, and that’s the use of RSS feeds. If someone wants to know more about what’s going on, they make a deliberate choice to subscribe to a feed, and then they get the material. Or, then just trust the consumers to find your information via net searches, or by visiting your sites.

It might be that such a solution reaches less eyeballs, but at least such a marketing style does not annoy those poor eyeballs drowning in promotion material.

If anyone is tired of such marketing strategies, just unsubscribe from such mailing lists, or let them know that this is not working. It’s very similar to spam, and nobody likes spam (or I would hope so).


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