Whatever Happened to Chorus and Verse?

california_school_bus.jpgI was going through three-four year old Ableton Live productions, and found a couple ones that I will resurrect and release soon as tracks. Anyway, what I noticed when I was composing years ago was that I really tried to put together intro-verse-chorus-verse and so forth compositions.

For a while now, while I’m in this Berlin tech house mode, such parts are not really needed, or common, so I’ve been just following the modern patterns of ignoring them and just writing longer sections.

Still, there’s something special about variations in a song that makes it vivid and interesting. I think by resurrecting these tracks and using modern production tricks — and also re-creating some of the synths, especially bass lines that now are different — there’s maybe a nice synthesis happening between old and new.

Maybe this is also suddenly a new sound, hehehe.

Otherwise, I’m very happy I could open up old Ableton Live 3.0 projects and just continue from there. It’s good to put aside projects that don’t work at a certain time, and resurrect them later and possibly finish the track.

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