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Weekly Factory Log

Posted on | May 6, 2007 | No Comments

stop_man_at_street.jpgBlogs actually stand for web log, a log that is updated by the author about what is happening. Just to show that I’m not sleeping on the sofa in my studio, not that I have a sofa installed there, I will do weekly updates to let know what I’m working with at this point of time.

I have not been able to do much work due to a nasty back problem that manifested in March. It’s still hard, but I learned that not doing anything is worse with the recovery versus moving around. The other thing I did was to elevate the space where I work (soon even new table legs) so I could work standing. This helps a lot, and it’ best in the long run, anyway, as the back is not compressed as when sitting. Recommend it!

Otherwise, I finally warped the tracks for a new series of electronic music I was hoping to launch in April, and it looks more like May. It’s a periodic podcast with really interesting music, as what I think is interesting, from various netlabels and new producers. The tentative name is Biowaves. This way I hope to promote good electronic music that is available out there, just need to go out and hunt for it.

The other thing was that I put together a new track for PlanetoidPark release, called DNA Tone, something about music coming out from DNA or something similar. The title came from this nice band generator web site, check it out. This track is a combination of techno meets old-time progressive music meets wacko melody short loops with tons of reverb that I like to do with Ableton Live just now. I need to go through it a couple of more times, clean it up, and send it out on the DJ promo services later this week. Contact me if you want to remix it, as I need a couple of variations, like one that is more techno/Berlin/mechanical in nature.

That and read more science fiction! And yes, I have a backlog of label work that I need to get through this incoming week.


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