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Posted on | June 30, 2007 | No Comments

dnatones3-200×200.pngOk, just finished DNA tones, Part three, there’s a sample of the track over here. This third one was a very interesting project, it had acid lines, electro bass lines, strange techno-like loops, and heavy-metal like constructs. Phew, took a while to tame the whole beast. Maybe it’s worth writing a little bit about some of the problems.

One big problem with massive tracks is that there’s so much, and it’s easy to overload the mastering section so that for example Izotope Ozone and similar stages to build the final compressed product sounds far too mushy. I ended up going through all the tracks and decreasing each level with one dB to tame it. Also, unlike Logic, in Ableton Live you cant’ just select all volume levels, and drag one down and the rest comes along. You need to do each one separately. Also, if there’s automation concerning mixing levels, you need to go in and edit those by hand, again. Sigh. But it was worth it.

I also encountered interesting MIDI clip bugs that I should report to Ableton. If I edited one clip that I had copied from another part, both clips changed, very annoying. Anyway, it’s done and sent out to the promo sites, and so on.

Next, I will take a vacation, sorry if there are not so many postings during the next 19 days. I will spend time at a small cottage by the sea with my MacBookPro and a MIDI controller, and have audio fun. There’s a lot of work when I get back, we just switched to a new aggregator for our label, and I need to redesign the label web site, and send out more music…


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