Weekly Factory Log

dnatones2-200×200.pngOk, what’s going on… I finished DNA Tones, Part two, in a trilogy where I try to do biological dance music of some odd reason… Bio-acid music is the last one in this trilogy, and I’ve done half of it. This was kind of bumpy electric house or something similar, the first part was more elevated techno, or progressive techno. Usually I have a hard time describing styles, as I try to mix and match, and invent as much as possible instead of listening to the top-ten and copy the styles.

I have a snippet preview of Part Two over at the label web site.

I also spent a whole night remastering a very old 23 minute long track that I still don’t know what to do with it, an attempt long time ago to make symphonic musical pieces using electronic dance music elements. That’s the curse of material, it’s either a style you don’t know you could push out any longer, or not yet. Or, is very different. It might go to a possible LP collection of some kind. But it was indeed interesting to look at old stuff and do a new take of it. I need to learn and get back and redo material, or clean it up, instead of always starting with something new…

Anyway, I will get DNA Tones Part three done, and then off for a vacation!

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