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Posted on | June 3, 2007 | No Comments

dna_tones_part1.pngOk, I finally finished DNA Tones, Part One, see here for the promo clip at the record label. I’m working on a set of organic techno/progressive tracks. Something like where the sounds and style is not so chrome-centric, rather pulsating and bio-like. Hard to explain, but that’s the fun of experimenting out new styles. This should go out in beginning July, it actually has to go out, as I’m off for vacation from July 2 forward.

I sent it out one the normal promo roundup that we do at the label. I hope to get interesting feedback, if it’s more of ‘neutral keep up the good work’ it’s not good. Either ‘wow’, or ‘I don’t get it’. I like polarizing feedback.

I have a couple of similar tracks that are in the early production rounds, as well as I need to create another track tonight.

As for the podcast series, I did an earlier mix, but got chicken, as I suddenly got interested in more maximal music styles, and the current netlabels are good, but I don’t want this podcast to be yet-another-minimalist mix-podcast, so I need to throw out the net and find more variable electronic music. Send me email if you know of any interesting netlabels or artists that do such music — the closest I could explain what I’m looking for is ‘Orb on drum machine steroids’, or ‘what if Frank Zappa did techno?’

As for promo marketing, same thing, let me know if you have any fresh ideas? I think we need to use some very clever web marketing to reach out further, so bounce any ideas, and I will listen. More about this all later, too!


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