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Waveburner Mastering — Default Mastering Plugin Chains

Posted on | October 21, 2006 | No Comments

waveburner_plugin_chain.pngThis was a positive surprise. I was working on some initial test mixes of the latest work I’m doing, and I didn’t do a good export, there tons of transients in two places in the 52-minute song that cause normalization from Ableton Live to fail miserable.

Anyway, I loaded it into Waveburner for doing a test CD, and just for fun I selected the Dance Music Master preset from the plugin chain as default mastering setup. And it sounded really good, as well as the multicompressor evened out the total audio material.

I will do some more critical listening now in the car and elsewhere, but this is promising. I don’t mind a good default setup for the mastering plugin chain, and if this works fine, it’s Ok if it’s my own personal sound — if not I could start from this setup and modify it along the way.

Anyway, in case you have WaveBurner (part of the default Logic Pro installation), check out the various default plugin chains for mastering!


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