car_lights.jpgI try to be a-political with the postings at this site. Anyway, if you are a US citizen and have the rights to vote, do it tomorrow. There’s nothing more pathetic than someone complaining about the system, the politicians, the direction of the country while they have not even tried to do something about it by voting.

Actually this is true of any democratic country you live in, if you want to be part of the direction, vote.

The outcome is not clear, but if the majority of votes decide that the leadership and direction is one or another, that’s how it will be. Not taking part in this will not change the situation.

Now, personally I suspect that the voting level tomorrow will be extraordinary for United States compared with earlier elections. That’s my election prediction!

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  1. Right on Kent! 100%… I’ll say it another way: If you don’t vote your an ignorant fool. Left or Right or even if your write in your own name: DO IT!

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