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Posted on | September 3, 2006 | 1 Comment

tunecore.jpgI’m again looking for a nice distribution model or company for distributing music via iTunes, eMusic, and so forth. It seems it’s one of the few ways to really get the music out there. I just read about TuneCore in the latest EQ Magazine, and I checked out the deal.

It’s actually quite nice, you could upload an album of material, even online in Apple lossless format, and they take care of the redistribution, with a fixed fee (unlike other services where they ask for a percentage of the income).

The only small drawback I saw was that you need to pay a yearly fee for keeping the album online, $7.95. Also, it’s still tricky to distribute online material outside the US markets.

Anyway, I will start going through two+ years of material, and clean it up, remix it, and publish a set of albums in the forthcoming months, and see how it all works out. So yes, I’m not a TuneCore customer, stay tuned for more information soon (there’s plenty of unpublished material on my hard disks, and my wife said that it’s better to get it out than to let it rot on the disks).


One Response to “TuneCore”

  1. tim s.
    November 17th, 2006 @ 12:26 PM

    I read that article as well. I got a strong whiff of partisanship in it. I’ve been with CDbaby a long time but always open to new ideas…I checked out tunecore and some other on his list and for my own particular needs and given CDbaby’s performance over several years I’m not ready to move yet.
    I searched for some independent opinions on these services and didn’t really find anything; so if you sign up with them I look forward to your observations…

    Best regards,

    Tim S.

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