Trick to Get Title Names for Songs

Logic velocity MIDI screen

As part of creating 10-20 movie tracks a week, I need a lot of titles. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out good titles for them, but they are needed. When I register songs for BMI, for example, I need some kind of a representation name for the song, otherwise it’s getting hard to track such songs in future.

Also, it would be nice if the title gave an indication what it was used for — and it’s also a hook for someone for downloading.

So, in my desperation I started to type in certain key words in Google, film, dark, passage, and so, and got a lot of good hits, for example a Japanese film called Dark Water. I didn’t want to copycat this title, so I called my next uploaded film music piece Dark Water Ascending, as the tone of this song had something to do with water, darkness, or something similar.

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