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Travel Jet Lag

Posted on | July 19, 2007 | No Comments

evening_house.jpegOk, back home, and it will take me another day to get used to the California time zone as well as the lifestyle.

A couple of comments about traveling. I actually got inspired at the Helsinki airport and worked out 35 minutes of a forthcoming Pretty/Gritty/Strange mix. It also helped to have access to a power outlets.

Over in Stockholm I could not find any, I suspect they were locked behind the walls. As for Chicago, that place is just so super-busy and crowded, no way to do much work.

All said, it’s a shame that airports hide or don’t provide power outlets to travelers. We do pay aiport fees as part of the ticket, after all. Even the issue of paying big bucks for a short time of WiFi is silly, but with WiMax I think that issue will be quickly resolved.

I don’t mind the security checks and so on, not even that most airlines don’t provide much on the plane if you fly economy. But power outlets to charge iPods, laptops and so on, please… I even think all seats on all the airplanes should have power outlets, it should not be so hard to put those in today.

So Helsinki Airport is for me one of the top airports now, and Arlanda one of the worst.


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