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Todd Rundgren – Todd

Posted on | December 21, 2009 | No Comments

Todd_albumWell, as a Todd fan (not a fanatic!) I need to include one of his albums, let’s say Todd the double-album from 1974.

Initiation was actually my first Todd Rundgren album  — I hitchhiked with a group visiting schools 100 miles away from my middle school, sneaked out from the bus and purchased this album, the whole reason for taking the trip.

Anyway, some think Something/Anything is his master piece, or A Wizard A True Star. The reason I like Todd is that the beginning is just so psychedelic, crazy guitar solos and bubbling synths and when it gets the most crazy, you get a Gilbert&Sullivan style song like “An Elpee’s Worth of Toons”.

This album also had the beginnings of Utopia, such as “Don’t you Ever Learn” that then paved way for Todd Rundgren’s Utopia, Another Live and similar three-keyboard configurations.

No 1 Lowest Common Denominator is a homage to Electric Ladyland, it took me ages to figure that one out. If there’s one question I would ask Todd is: What is the solo sound in “The Spark of Life”, a super-distorted guitar or a kazoo?

Todd Rundgren is a musician’s musician.


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