Time to Build Studio 2.0

scrappy_house.jpgI stumbled upon mistake the back side of my studio setup, i.e. everything behind the desk.

What a cable mess! I think the power lines are also crossing with audio cables, and all kinds of nasty things are lurking there.

In addition, I want to make the room feel more spacious, so it’s time to open up the Ikea catalogue and plan for purching a new desk, and other new cool stuff to spiffy up this room.

This current setup has been around for over three years — it actually started as a stress-release exersice one summer weekend when I was a tech lead over at Palm, and the overwhelming amount of responsibilities and deadlines just got into my skin. So building a home studio was a good way to release the stress at that time.

Just now I’m not stressed out at all, but the amount of things that has been collected into this home studio setup over the years is just too much. It’s time to clean it all up.

Maybe it helped to look at the BT video with his home setup, too, to get me inspired.

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