Time lines and Markers in Logic Pro 8

time_and_markers.pngOk, here’s a feature I really wanted, and it’s now well executed in Logic Pro 8. I really needed to see not just the bar values, but also the time line along the tracks. The reason is that with dance music we need to look at placing breakdowns at certain locations, usually one minute into the song, or four minutes, and so on. And also we would like to keep tracks nowdays below seven minutes in length.

I could now enable the upper line info so it contains both bar values and the current time. In the main window, top right side, just below the note icon, there’s a small drop down icon, when selecting this one I could specify that the time line indeed has both values.

In addition, it’s much easier now to make marker areas, I just place the locator position where I want, and hit control-K, and a new mark region is created. With Command-Return and the selected markerĀ  I could also name it. So now I could mark out the song with what’s the intro sections, main parts, choruses, break-downs, and so on, making the pre-planning for mixes and remixes much easier.

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