Thomas Dolby and the Freedom from the Recording Industry


This is an interesting entry in Thomas Dolby’s blog. It’s about how he has much more control over how to produce music and videos, including a new DVD on the recent live tour, when he’s no longer hostage by the recording company (meetings, schedules, crazy demands).

Well, it also helps that Thomas Dolby is an established arist with a fan base, and the recording company originally put out the money for the establishment. I think that’s the biggest problem for new artists, they like the same kind of freedom that Thomas Dolby writes about, but due to the plethora of content out there, it all drowns in the masses unless you have a massive marketing drive sponsored by a big recording company.

Anyway, I’m a long-time Dolby fan, used to spin his records as a DJ in the merry 80:ies. The closest seven degrees of separation I had with Thomas Dolby was that he was the CEO of Beatnik, and I worked at Staccato Systems with a very similar sound platform for computers and embedded systems, so we were competitors.

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