This new Music World Order of Sample Reconstruction

coloritI guess you could get samples for nearly anything now, including voice and singing parts. An artist could spend hours in the studio just putting together samples, with no need to learn how to play the keyboard, drumming, guitar playing or even singing.

Which is good. And also bad.

What happens with such reconstruction jobs is that without really knowing how compositions work someone ends up with a very bland productions. Things come and go but there’s really no dynamic content, or thinking behind it, or even much inspirational parts. The closest I could think of this is doing microwaved food for a four-star restaurant.

Well, you could always learn and improve. My suggestions is to either look at classical composers such as Debussy and Stravinsky, see how their minds tick when they compose larger bodies of work, how themes come and go, how various parts play unexpected roles here and there.

A couple of modern day bands/artists that have a similar know-how, I suspect based on hours and hours perfecting this, is The Orb or System 7. Actually there’s even  a cross-over such as the Art of Noise album where they re-interpret Debussy — highly recommend this one to get a feeling how to compose music with any sample you have around.

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