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This is Your Brain on Music

Posted on | September 25, 2008 | No Comments

This is Your Brain On Music - Daniel LevitinAnother fun book I just finished, actually while waiting to take X-Rays for my shoulder that seems to heal fine. Daniel Levitin’s book This is Your Brain On Music is a brave attempt to map the correspondence between music and how the brain intercepts music. It also debunked the badly scientific test that Mozart’s music helps when studying.

Otherwise, if you are interested in why certain patterns work with people concerning music, others not, also how musicians think, this was fascinating reading. I also liked the concepts of what kind of music we will like later based on teenage years. And that the newly formed baby’s mind is like a psychedelic trip due to all the connections still not wired in place and hallucinations happening!

He also claims that even if some have some talent for instruments and music, it’s the hard work, wood shedding, actually 10000 hours, that defines the talent. I kind of subscribe to that idea myself, nowadays. Just need to find out how to sing for 10000 hours now…

He actually worked for a while over at Stanford University’s CCRMA (a.k.a KARMA) group, and I was in a start-up where the founders came from this group, so there’s a small chance I might have seen him around, but my memory is vague.


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