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This and That about Distractions

Posted on | October 15, 2010 | No Comments

Queens Bath Rocks, KauaiJust something I taught about today, distractions concerning anyone working with creative arts in this new world we live in. This should be easy as my mind is constantly surrounded by distractions.

To  start with, you have 24 hours in a day, of which maybe eight is involved in a deep state of non-activity, or sleeping. Another of the day is reserved for work, eating, watching TV, commuting. It’s easy to see how you could end up with max four hours a day with creative work unless you are a full-time artist, something that is pretty tough living today.

So the first word is concentration. Just concentrate. Get things done. Avoid distractions.

Secondly, reading all these music industry pundit blogs, they seem to have now settled into the mantra that social networks will make or break artists. I disagree, good music will make or break artists. Spend less time doing such social networking, use that time to write good songs instead. It pays off. If nothing else, you feel better about yourself.

Thirdly, producers especially fall into the trap of perfection due to all the possible tools available today. They spend hours trying to get the best sound, best take, chase for the perfect plug-ins and so forth. Me thinks the take is more important, record something interesting. Produce it quickly, release it. If you want something better, save those cycles for the next song.

It also helps to read biographies of artists seeing how they worked, it was not exactly spending time on Twitter, chasing for the perfect plug-in or something similar. They created songs, recorded, produced and released. Simple formula.

PS: Another situation concerning the putzing in the studio is that things start to sound sterile. Anyone with a brain could record in Logic stuff, add in mastering channel strips and it sounds good, but sterile. Doing quicker productions with funky takes will make the track sound unique rather than polished to death.


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