The Reason I Dread To Maintain Technology in the Studio

yousemite_waterfall.jpgIs that it takes so much time when something is wrong, and I need to switch to engineering mode to fix it, rather than spending the few hours I have writing music.

Like today, I have this nice Tranzport device for controlling various DAWs, Logic and Pro. And of course it stopped working for Pro Logic, after all the upgrades and OS upgrades. Just nothing worked properly wit Logic Pro, while Live and iTunes worked just fine with Tranzport.

So I went hunting around on the web, and finally found this posting. So that explained it all, I remove Tranzport from the current control surface settings, rescanned, and got it finally working.

Well, next time it’s best to do something similar if a control surface is not working, in other words remove it, and rescan to get it back to pristine settings. Otherwise, this is not fun. We are talking about singularity and multiple world cosmologies, but still we have a hard time making musician-friendly hardware-software combinations… Maybe we really need singularity after all to get to a point where the studio just works.

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