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The New Game in Town in This Age of Billions of Music Tracks

Posted on | September 7, 2010 | 1 Comment

fractal ArtI used to like music related to either progressive or psychedelic nature — not that I detest drugs, anything that messes the mind (and body.)  But the idea was to do something totally new, unheard, interesting. What happened with progressive music, the rock kind, was that new bands just copied the old style progressive music so nothing new appeared out from it. As for progressive house music, the progressive turned into a progression of sounds, each sounding the same, so it also became a cliché, ack.

As for psychedelic music, today’s bands again try to sound like the original artists from late sixties. So there went that innovation, too.

Going back to the title. We have a situation where thousands of new songs appear on the web each and every day. Most of the material is very boring. You listen to it for about ten seconds and realize it’s another euro-trance song with known patterns.  Hip-hop re-hash productions. Or some other copycat production.

Me thinks that there are a couple of factors which make music interesting. To start with a good melody. Without that one it becomes a musical theme, background music. Nothing wrong with that but a majority of consumers want to hear some kind of folksy melody they could hum or whistle to. No wonder many modern production teams are from the Nordic countries — folk music there is very melody-centric (think Abba.)

The second is a refreshing take on the production, something new, new sounds, new approach. It could still be danceable music but it has to have something interesting happening with the arrangements, micro-melodies, rhythm and so forth.

The combination of a good melody and interesting production is a far better sell. If nothing else, your music is elevated from the huge ocean of sound that is now part of the web.


One Response to “The New Game in Town in This Age of Billions of Music Tracks”

  1. Music for Songwriters
    September 10th, 2010 @ 6:30 AM

    So true about progressive and psychedelic music dude…good to know that you are innovating on these genres…keep it up!

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