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The Mission

Posted on | May 16, 2007 | No Comments

mirror_lake_meadow.jpgAnother way to get attention and marketing is to be on a mission. Passion is good. If you ever do job interviews, half is about the passion in the eyes of the one who wants the job. The most glimmer in the eyes, the better for me when I interview. Passion means that such a candidate will put in hours if needed, do team work, do whatever it takes to ship the product, and so on.

Going back to our promotion and marketing track. Someone who has a cause, is on a mission, has a very clear focus. This means that the output and the outcome is very defined. It also makes such projects to stick out from the majority of mediocre material, even if the music is not so elegant, just the cause is the selling point.

Let’s look at some examples. Let’s say someone thinks that drums&bass is the most excellent music, but since Photek days few if any have dared to extend this musical genre. So this person is on a mission to make drum&bass the most excellent music out there, so even average consumers will get interested in this music.

The result is producting such material, finding artists, starting a label dedicated to this cause, interviews, club events, grooming new talent, and so on.

Even better, something like this might start a new musical style that is suddenly very popular, and those who were the pioneers.

It could also happen the other way around, it will take years for this to take off, or there are no visible results along the way. This is again where the passion and dedication will work out long term. So do not worry. Patience will pay off. Even if there are few results, you have an inner peace because you worked on something you truly believed in.


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