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The Future of Internet Is Video

Posted on | October 30, 2008 | No Comments

internet_tv.pngIt seems so, anyway. Every day you get more and more interesting video snippets on YouTube and similar places, such as maybe the first footage of Jimi Hendrix playing, on TV, courtesy of AudioTuts. He’s just the background guitar player, but it seems he tries to steal the show from the funky two singers.

Or then something like the BBC documentary story about the story of the guitar.  YouTube is full of interesting musical tidbits, and the selection grows each day.

I would not be surprised if the average Internet user would mostly look at videos a couple of years from now, where the text pages such as blogs and similar things are a minority.  I’ve been looking at what it would take to make more video based blog entries. The biggest problem for me is that it takes editing effort. Personally I don’t like those bird-view single take videos on YouTube, you know those ones where you see a person staring at the video camera from above and talking or playing. Somehow it’s not that exciting, unless the topic is cool.

So any interesting material should be edited; and that takes time, even with iMovie (even if I prefer Final Cut myself.)

I also saw that MTV finally released their archive of videos online, at MTVMusic.  That’s a good idea, even if 99$% of rock videos are cliches. I noticed that after about one year taping the early day MTV satellite channel material, first it was fun but you started to see the same patterns after a couple of months. There are exceptions such as anything done by Peter Gabriel or Beck, but otherwise releasing all the music videos might be fun first, but boring watching after a while. Well, there’s always hope that there’s a next generation music video artists that will think outside the box. It is needed.

So, video rules, that’s for sure.


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