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The Art (Angst) of Shipping Tracks

Posted on | December 4, 2006 | No Comments

zen_and_sand.jpgHo ho, spent most of yesterday and today to sort out two tracks to be released very shortly, on PlanetoidPark. I just needed to get them into shape for promo purposes (the whole promo world is a subject for another article).

In my daily life as a software programmer it is very similar to the concept of “shipping products.” We really value engineers who have been involved in shipping products, instead of just doing stuff. The reason is that when building a product or application, the first 80% takes as long as the final 20% finish. Also, you need to train on focus and get the product out instead of putzing on it forever. It means tons of compromises and attention to detail. This is the reason I will place a “Ship the product” sign on my monitor from time to time, so I don’t forget what I’m getting paid for.

Seems it’s the same with record releases. At some point the tracks have to be released so someone out there has a chance to listen to it, otherwise it’s kind of futile — at least in my mind — to constantly collect tracks on the hard disk for no other purpose than to make them. But to get to that point, there’s that 20% that takes as long as doing the track in the first place.

I would recommend anyone actually to take this step to release records, either on a net label, or a private label, or try to get a deal with any excellent record labels. What happens then, when you need to release something, is that extra focus on details and things you never though about when doing tracks in the first place. What happens then is growth, you learn from the mistakes and could do even more cool tracks in future.

Don’t worry about critique, any artist out there has been criticized, if not anyone else, your mom (for wasting time on music, that happened to me, but then later she was very appreciative). But getting something out, that’s something that will make you personally grow.


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