Taxi of the Third

nano-tubes.pngOk, I was watching this youtube movie set from Taxi about how easy it is to make music for TV and films (and make lots of money). I don’t know, don’t like to directly criticize someone directly, but I do think it’s good to have a uniqueness when making film or TV music, instead of just doing like anyone else.

So, as Taxi promised to make a 40 second snippet in 30 minutes, I did this in 20 minutes, composing/mixing/mastering, with me brushing my teeth during the same time, too. Here’s Taxi of the Third (right mouse on the Mac to download). Feel free to use it for any film/TV projects you have out there. It should loop fine, too.

Note I might go in and fix and make it longer, or maybe not, I’m drowning in half-made material just now…

For those who like details, this is a 16-bar song with three themes, 80 bpm, done in Logic (hence why it was so fast to put together). The Pad is an ES2 patch, the drums done with various Ultrabeat sounds, with the intention to hit the oddest syncopes you could do in a minute or two. The bass is from a Zebra 2 patch, and there are some other odd sounds from a Zebra patch, and an EXS24 effect pad. All mixed within a minute using Ozone 3. On we go.


  1. Hi Kent,

    Interesting to see that you are up to your old tricks! Remember the days at Apple when you created guitar tracks overnight?

    I see you have turned to your other love – have you ditched the programming code?

    Anyway, great to see you are still active in the music scene. I can’t download any of your music here at work but I will when I get home, and have a listen.



  2. Hehehee, Peter and I know each other all the way from the Apple Australia days in the late eighties.

    Yes, I’m still a programmer, and working for the fruit company.

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