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Tape Flutter

Posted on | October 28, 2008 | No Comments

tape_head.jpgOne of my favorite plug-ins in Logic is the Tape Delay Plug-in. Here’s a video on YouTube that shows it in action. Here’s another link to a cool way to get the famous Boards of Canada fluttering sound on keyboards such as electronic pianos.

I’m fond of tape delays, this after using a friend’s Roland Space Echo for a very long time as a guitar player. This was my attempt to sound like Edge (from U2.) There’s something organic about the fluttering of tape used in combination with delays, making the delay sound less exact as with digital delays that tend to easily sound very clinical.

There’s one tape effect I’ve been talking to other producers, trying to emulate, and that’s the fast speed tape run that sounds very tape-like, including the sound when the end of the tape starts to flap the rolls. If anyone knows how to get this sound, please let me know, as it would be fun using sparingly, to get a early-seventies experimental sound to the production.

PS: Boss actually has a Space Echo emulation pedal.


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