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Posted on | May 18, 2007 | No Comments

moon_and_street_light.jpgHere’s another marketing and promotion tool that works really well: talent.

You know, it’s very, very easy to put together electronica-based tracks today. Long time ago I showed my 8-year-old son how ACID the audio application works, and he put together his own CD with five songs made of various loops. It was OK for an 8-year old musician, but nothing super-astounding.

Nowadays he’s into Flash animation and graphics, and here’s really where his talent is showing, as it’s really hard to put together interesting animation material.

So. To battle in the market wars of today and in future, with millions of tracks released each year, you need to be unique. If you have a talent, especially something that few others have, and it takes a lot of effort to put together, you have an edge. So use it.

One example is voice and singing, and it does not even need to be this kind of perfect voice, more a voice with a character. If you have this, and you know how to put together interesting lyrics, you have a big edge compared with the majority of electronica producers that don’t sing or use voice elements.

Another example is just the artistry of playing instruments, either keyboards or any other kind of odd and interesting instruments. If you could for example use personal bass lines in productions by playing electrical bass, that makes a difference. Or just plain good old chemistry of very good keyboard playing as part of the song, compared with a loop that runs over and over again with 1/16 notes lined up one after another.

Or, if you are a good arranger, go for it, work like any of the good movie composers, make arrangements special and big with interesting elements. Or, if you are visually inclined, work with artwork or videos for YouTube with your music material. And so on.

I do believe that in the age of so many content producers creating material the artists has to be unique. And having plus developing a talent (usually the biggest part is to develop it out) will become more and more critical concerning marketing and promoting your artistry.


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