SynplantEven if I consider myself a guitar player nowadays, there’s always a new software synth or something similar that moves into my radar screen. Synplant by Soniccharge (of the ┬ÁTonic fame) if one of those. It’s not just the sounds, it’s the user interface itself. Kind of an organically exploring user interface that mutates new sounds.

I think I know the subtractive model and its programming aspect inside out, but it gets boring to change filter sweeps and ADSR parameters each time. Having something like this that gives totally new sounds is an interesting approach.

I will download the demo and put it through its paces and if it’s there, I will purchase the synth for some future projects (one is called Beatless, an inside joke in our family about beat-less music.) Or then it could be used for more psychedelic stuff.

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