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Sun Reboot Project

Posted on | October 27, 2006 | No Comments

sun_reboot.jpgI’ve been working on initial steps to make minimal electro, tech-house. As part of tonight’s experiments, and to create good karma for this electronica project, here’s an Ableton Live 6 Project as a Zip archive (16.4Mb), called Sun Reboot, done somewhat in the style of James Holden, you know that pumping effect production.

Feel free to download it, use it for remixing, your own remixes, songs, anything you want, add your own lyrics, songs, other instruments, and so on. This project will not be always around, so please hurry download it as soon as you are interested. The project contains 16 clips, 24-bit 44.1kHz AIFF files, and they are also available as aiff files inside the project import folder in case you don’t have Ableton Live 6.0.
The drum sample were done with Logic Ultrabeat. The bass sounds with Automat, and the rest of the synth sounds with Zebra 2.

Advise about using these: You get a lot of mileage if you change the loops and loop points for each sample. Also use effects, such as ping-pong for one or two tracks, to compensate for the beginning loops with no effects, otherwise each starting beat in the loops sounds empty (will notice this when you run these as default). I had a fun time adding beat repeat effects on individual loops for interesting minimalist electronica effects, and phasers, and anything I found inside Ableton Live 6.

It would be nice if you mentioned my name somewhere in case you used it, or sent me a link to the music, but hey feel free to use it for anything nice and great for others to listen and dance to (I need that nice karma to get this project done).

And yes, the whole project is in 128 BPM :-).


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