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Summer Studio 2007

Posted on | July 14, 2007 | No Comments

summer_studio.jpgHere’s an image of the current summer studio I have set up at a small cottage by the sea here in Western Finland.

My MacBookPro is in the middle, and the little else I have connected is a Novation Remote LE, two speakers, a headphone set, and a mouse.

The laptop is on top of a Podium Coolpad. I really recommend those, keeps the laptop nicely elevated, and less heat is also generated. Those are good both in the studio, or for DJ setups.

As for the speakers, those were a cheap set of Viewsonic computer speakers I picked up at Frys some time ago, mostly as I saw that their power supply handled 110-240V. The problem is the low end, very minimal. A small woofer would be nice, but then those increase the weight, when traveling. I would actually now look for another set that are light-weight, but have a built-in low-end woofer or decent low-end.

The issue that bites me, every time, is that you can’t just set up an environment, and espect that creativity happens based on the nice views, or the weather. I ended up just going to the sofa and, eh, relax for a while.

Then, the times I’ve been really creative are in sudden places like let’s say a return trip from Boston to San Francisco, then all I need is to grab the laptop and start working. So, the best is to have a really good laptop, and just go with the flow.


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