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CocoanutI got an artist account on Free Music Archive, an excellent web resource for freely distributable music content — highly recommend this place.

Anyway, I need to deliver. Fortunately my hard disk is full of all kinds of projects that were never released of some reason or another — biggest one me losing interest as it’s fun to make music, less fun to finish it and release it.

Anyway, I will tackle this backlog and release free stuff. First is a 46+ minute experimental techno track, Mental Beats, that I’ve now broken up into 11 parts and doing remixing and final mastering. I will release this under the Spectral Mystics moniker. I might also release it via my RouteNote account — feel nowadays that the best way to release music is the combined free + paid services model. Those who want to sponsor me, they do it. Those who don’t, don’t mind as long as you like the music.

There’s also an ambient 50+ minute track called Rebirth that I will break up into parts and remix it. The story was that one of my cousins wanted music for the delivery of the baby, so I delivered!

I’ve also started working on two new sample libraries, one with synth bleeps using the Synthi XILS 3 plugin, fun one and nice to have a set of seventies bleep and sequencer run stuff. The other is using the Cheeze Machine string synthesizer for seventies string machine cheeziness. Hmm, how did I get stuck in the seventies?


  1. It would be great to help you out via RouteNote. If you have any questions or queries please dont hesitate to drop us an email.

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