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Studio Mistakes Are Cool

Posted on | December 24, 2006 | No Comments

the_dove.jpgI was listening to Holger Zilske/Dave DKs Rainshower EP, especially the MIDI Shower track. It has a lot of bursts of MIDI notes going here and there – I really like it.

I just wondered if this didn’t happen by mistake, i.e. there was a sudden burst of MIDI that happened on the track… Or then it was a deliberate production, if so very nice.

I had a similar mistake happening recently, Logic has this ancient bug with buffers — if you don’t clear them out, when you export a track as outside information, a lot of existing data buffer material is still in the buffers, causing all kinds of odd artifacts. It happened with an electro lead I was exporting to Live. But actually, the initial burst of 1/32 notes sounded really good, even better than the original one, so I just used it.

Similar things have happened before. Again, in Logic if I had plugin compensation enabled, sometimes the initial MIDI note was not played or exported. So if I had a steady quarter note run, the first one wasn’t exported. Anyway, I was in a hurry — and didn’t know the workaround (turn off plugin compensation), so I just exported the tracks and wrote songs with the first MIDI note not happening. Made it easier for the kick to show up in the beginning of the four bar loop, and also made the composition sound very different.

I suspect this has happened to many other producers. The one I’m thinking of just now while writing this entry is the famous erasure of the first minutes of the drum tracks by Steve Winwood in “While You See A Chance” — and this track became a hit, especially as the beginning part was so different by him replacing the beginning of the song with a keyboard introduction.


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