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Studio Cleanup

Posted on | July 7, 2008 | 2 Comments

studio-july-3-2008.pngThis is how my studio looked like last Thursday (July 3rd 2008). It was full of hardware, guitar and bass amps, bass guitars, electric guitars, cables, effect pedals, synths, carry bags with equipment inside, and some odd brown stuff from one of our cats’ stomachs, too. In other words, a typical scenario where all I did was do dump stuff on the floor when coming from a gig and just picking it up later.

It certainly needed a cleanup, badly. Also, the desktop was a mess, controllers here and there. It didn’t help that I had some new hardware available including a new screen that was just gathering dust in one corner. Somehow it’s hard to switch gears, you always worry about incompatibilities and issues with projects when you switch from one computer to another.

studio-july-4-2008.pngHere’s the room July 4th 2008, a day later. All the amplifiers et rest have their own specific location in the room. All guitars and bass guitars are in a certain location, too, close to the practice amp and the audio interface so they could be quickly hooked in if needed.

I found an unused stand for music where I put my UC33-e controller and an USB mike. Finally have the MacPro up and running with a new monitor. And yes, the floor has been cleaned up from odd stuff found.

As part of this operation I got inspired to make more electronic music, have 15+ minutes in the pipeline. I hope to release a “Something/Everything” podcast soon, as well as take selected parts and release them as tracks or something similar. More about that later.


2 Responses to “Studio Cleanup”

  1. Doug Ramsay
    August 15th, 2008 @ 7:05 AM

    Hi Kent,
    Long time no talk to. I came to your blog looking for the post you did on audio sample organization and stopped to read this post. I can relate to having a clean organized studio from which to be able draw the greatest inspiration. I have to have a clean environment to work in also. Looks great! Kudos!

  2. Kent Sandvik
    August 16th, 2008 @ 10:46 AM

    Thanks. There’s also something I need to clean up and that is the myriad of logins and passwords I have across multiple systems. I usually have text document that I have stored on a local computer and print out a copy of that one. I have a cryptical postit note in my wallet, too, where the login names and passwords are somewhat concealed — especially not showing what they are connected to. Anyway, this document grows and grows, especially as I’m very hesitant to use the same login and password combination on external accounts…

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