Steve Vai Has a lot of Guitars!

gtr030a.jpgPhew, my mind was expanded when looking at Steve Vai’s guitar collection over at his site. That’s quite a big of a collection, and most of them are custom made. He has even more gear, see the rest over at his site.

I have an Ibanez RG series guitar, owned that one since 1992 I think. I’ve actually been an Ibanez only electrical guitar owner since my first Ibanez back in 1978, purchased a Flying V copy model. It was a fun guitar, but unpractical for studio work, of known reasons.

Anyway, makes me go and check out other Ibanez models this weekend…

Speaking of Steve Vai, he’s one of the few guitar players whose solos I actually like (Eric Clapton being another player). You could get a free DVD from the Carvin site, check out the really funny solo Steve Vai does on that DVD — even my wife who is bored of guitar music was impressed. What makes Vai’s playing interesting is that he is interesting, unique. Something to strive for. There’s no need to be a technocrat player, speed is not everything. Don’t be a copycat, invent your own style, in whatever musical genre. One Daft Punk is enough.


  1. I don’t know if you’ve had the chance to play one of Steve Vai’s 20th Anniversary Ibanez Gems, but they are pretty awesome. My first guitar was an Ibanez, and they’re still the only electrics I’ve ever owned :)

  2. Jems are very nice, but oh so expensive. Some are even collector’s idems, there’s only a run of 300 or so and they are picked up by collectors. I think guitars should be played, not put on the wall, but that’s another story.

    I might go out Ibanez guitar shopping this afternoon.

    There’s indeed something special about Ibanez guitars. My RG is actually made in Japan, but the Korean and Indonesian models today are very good, as well. You get a lot of guitar for the money.

  3. I just figured out that my Ibanez RG is an RG750. Supposedly a very good guitar that people are looking for today.

    I went shopping but didn’t find any interesting Ibanez RG guitars, so I will instead spend some time and fixing the look of mine, getting a new nice pickguard, new knobs and so on.

  4. The original Jems that came out in the late ’80s are some of the most gorgeous post-modern guitars ever to see the inside of a music store…

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