Starting Working on Nocturnal Digits

Logic velocity MIDI screen

Ok, have film material uploaded, so I’m starting on a project called Nocturnal Digits. It was inspired by a James Holden remix tape I heard one night — somewhat gritty techno, simplistic, odd drums, strange synth gritty sounds, and so on.

It should be a 35-50 minute piece, consisting of 12-15 parts, or less.

I’ve recorded ten base songs, and I have plenty of additional loops and other melodies just in case for building the collage. Actually I have even more material today as I went through my old projects and put them in storage, but before that dumped out interesting audio material. The fun part is that I don’t even know how it will sound like, ultimately, there’s plenty of experimentation to be done. Anyway, it should be simple/gritty/odd/gnarly kind of modernistic techno.

A lot of the synths used are LinDrum’s Octopus and Zebra2 (beta version I’m testing out). And other strange things, stay tuned.

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