Spontaneous Creation of Music

abstract-1-1.pngOf some interesting reason there were two things today that I read or saw on TV that has reflected a personal problem I’ve had for a couple of weeks’ time. I’ve had a kind of writers block in the sense of crawling into the studio and doing recordings but I had an internal pressure to go for a certain sound or outcome. There’s tons of material done, that’s for sure but it didn’t provide a cohesive outcome.

Meanwhile, today when I worked at the gym I was reading the latest Mix magazine where there was an article about the new Killer album. Basically the band members purchased a studio in downtown Las Vegas, and for the third album they just sat there and did lots of ideas they recorded daily, where many ended up in the final product. So there was no pressure to make something special, more of an attitude to see what happens.

Same when I saw tonight a documentary about Genesis. For one album in their later days they showed up in the studio with no material, just jammed along and after two weeks they had plenty of raw material for the album. In this case they didn’t own the studio so I suspect the studio bill was astronomical.

Anyway, what these indirect pointers showed me is that one should not have any predefined goals, that puts pressure on the creative side resulting in a mental block due to just this fixed goal-setting. In my case it’s even mentally lethal — suspect many have this problem.

I have plenty of stuff and it will be used but this time the whole future result is a blank canvas, let’s see what will be painted on it.


  1. Your post remembered me of Incubus’ Morning View.
    They gave the band a huge mansion in the middle of an island, completely prepared as a studio, with no time constraints..

  2. I hear you mate! Happens to any one at creative process…

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