Spectral Mystics – Rebirth


An old 2005 project that I just released as a free album from Free Music Archive.

Here’s the link for accessing it.

At that time I used a lot o compositional parts re-assembled into new songs in combination with strange plug-ins such as CamelSpace. There are actually only eight tracks or so in the Ableton Live project panel so I just re-used various settings to see what happened.

Otherwise it was an exercise in writing ambient music with a twist. All I had to do to re-vitalize this project was to remaster it with VintageWarmer and Ozone 4 to make it sound a little bit more spacious.

Anyway, download it, listen, upload it, spread it around.

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  1. I downloaded this a while sometime in May, I think. A friend of mine showed me this album and it’s one of my favorite ambient albums. I really dig spacious sounding music, so when I the first song, I was instantly hooked. Solid album :D

    Unfortunately, I haven’t downloaded anything else of yours, but this will change.

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