Spectral Mystics – Mental Beats

Also over at Free Music Archive. Maybe easier as you could download the whole album there with one single download. Kind of positively surprised how many downloads have happened at Free Music Archive within less than 16 hours.

This album will also go out through iTunes/eMusic et rest shortly as well.

Background: Long time ago I took part in an Ableton remix context and instead of remixing songs I thought what about making 10-11 songs as the remix. Recently I found the project inside my huge music project hard disk and I went in and did some tweaking here and there and broke the songs in to 10 songs as a separate album.

As for the concept: It was just fun trying to put together a techno band that is interesting in mental states rather then chrome, dark city skies and comics, or something like that.

This release has a special license: You are encouraged to re-distribute this material as much as possible.

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