Spam as Measurement of Increased Traffic

pixels.pngIt’s odd that the way I’ve noticed this site has more traffic is that I’m getting more spam postings nowadays, 10-20 a day. Akismet in WordPress (a default plugin, anyone should activate it) catches them all, so it’s not really a big deal.

I do have hooks in place inside Google Analytics to track all the rest of the incoming traffic, as well as a fun WordPress plug-in called Live that shows in real time incoming requests.

Anyway, the other reason I’m writing this is that due to the spam issues commenting is configured so that that first time someone is placing a comment, it is placed into a moderation queue. The second time — if the first comment was approved — you could write comments and they immediately show up. I only delete spam-based comments, anything else OK. So feel free to leave comments – I really appreciate reading them (as well as others), and it’s one of the charms with blog systems.

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