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Sorting out the Mess of Music

Posted on | September 2, 2006 | No Comments

artistic_trashcan.jpgAs most musicians and DJs, I’ve collected music, audio material, on my computers, or set of computers over time.

I started looking at the current collection, spread over an iTunes archive that has mutated over the years, and a folder with AIFF/WAV files for DJ and remixing purposes.

What a mess…

So I need to fix this, and put in place something that will scale long term. I was thinking about documenting the steps, and what I’me learning along the way, so if someone else is doing something similar in future, they might have more ideas.

The utopian goal is this: I could quickly find any snippet or piece of music I need for any purposes, remixing, loop use, DJ use, or for just plain listening purposes, this by just typing in a couple of search criteria. In addition, I would like to find music based on: style, BPM, mood, artist.

This system should work across my studio setup and a laptop configuration, and also be useable from either Ableton Live or Logic, and iTunes, too. So let’s see what we will end up with! I’m even prepared to write custom Cocoa applications to get to this utopian state.


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